SSES NGO receives best NGO Award                          Loan Distribution program to                               SSES support to Kerala  
from Telangana Govt on 15 August 2018         women handicrafts artisans on 21 June 2018                Flood  Victims 2018

Sai Social Empowerment Society is an 19 years NGO organization working for the welfare for rural disadvantaged women, children, minority, SC/ST women in providing them training’s and self-employment generation activities, to create income opportunities for a sustainable livelihood.

We have been associated with various Govt agencies, in facilitating various opportunities to the economically weak minority women and youth in developing their skills and evolving a successful business model for their livelihood and improve their living standard.
We are em paneled with NSDC for various skills.A large number of women ,youth base is available in the region with lack of support in upgrading their skills and set up their units for livelihoods.  Ghatkesar is in proximity to Hyderabad city (about26 kms) and expanding swiftly in all the sides.  The growing population in the region demands skilled workers in Apparel trade, so that these minority women can cater to the market needs by withstanding the competition, with their upgraded skills in latest designs and manufacturing of garments for women and children in particular.