About us

SSES believes that social development is a process of planned social change designed to promote the well being of the population as a whole, in conjunction with a dynamic process of economic development.
To achieve this development, SSES is striving to play a significant role in rural areas and urban areas through training, rehabilitation and consultancy services.
  • Development of Sustainable livelihoods through entrepreneurship development in Handicrafts, Agriculture, Horticulture and other allied activities.
  • Imparting  basic  education to the disadvantaged children.
  • Adoption of Renewable energy technologies in Rural and Urban areas.
SSES works with disadvantaged women and youth for development of skills for generating their own livelihoods through learning income generating activities. SSES strives for
  • Promotion of income generation activities, community health and literacy
  • Empowerment of women and weaker sections of the society
  • Strengthening of People’s Organization and community development
  • Promotion of Renewable energy technologies