iqoption bonus dating site single Organisation Structure : Quetiapine 300 mg Executive committee

rencontres chaland Organization is governed by an Executive committee of 5 members.  All the five members are active participants in the administration as well as programs implementation.  The organization is headed by  qualified doctor and consists of a Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer

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2018 dating site reviews The President of the organization looks after the entire administration and liasoning.  The Vice President is responsible for the production and marketing of artifacts.  The General Secretary is the Chief Executive and responsible for proper implementation of the programs.  The Joint Secretary is responsible for implementation of NRM and Renewable energy projects.  The Treasurer is incharge of the office and being a crafts person, Director  of Training and rehabilitation programs.

follow site The Agency  has mainly 3 divisions:

  1. Administration & Liasioning
  2. Implementation of Programs
  3. Production and Marketing of arifacts

follow The Organization has Field Coordinators based at different districts.  They supervise and monitor the implementation of programs.  The agency has Resource persons from various crafts.  Some of them are working full time and remaining part time.

follow link see url Advisory Committee

SSES has an Advisory Committee  belonging to various fields.  It consists of Agril Scientists, Engineering Graduates, Medical Professionals, Accounting and Legal Experts.

The Executive Committee and Advisory committee meet frequently to discuss and decide about the programs and projects planning and implementation.

Man Power :

go to site Honorary Members















Since when associated with Organisation
          Educational Experience


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  1 Mr.Ramana Reddy Advisor 46 Horticultural


B.Sc., (Agri)                   15 yrs 6 yrs
2 Dr.V.Padma Advisor 44 Medical Profession M.S (DGO)                   10 yrs 3 yrs
3 Mr.M.Ganesh Prabhu Advisor 40 consultant B.Tech                         15 Yrs 3 yrs
4 Mr.B.Srinivas Advisor 40 Advocate B.Sc., LLB.,                 10 yrs 3 yrs
  5 Dr.Sunder Aradhya Advisor 36 Medical Professiom BHMS                          10 yrs 3 yrs
6 Dr.Sai Bhaskar Reddy Advisror 43 CEO, GEO Organisation IIT MUMBAI                      12 yrs 2 yr