SSES works with disadvantaged women and youth for development of skills for generating their own livelihoods through learning income generating activities.

To Conduct Literacy Programs for children.
To provide support to Socially backward groups, Tribals, Handicapped and women to start income generation activities.
To Promote measures for improvement of Sanitation and Health.
To implement Microfinance programs for women.
To seek financial assistance and grants from Government agencies, Funding agencies, Donors for implementing various programs.
To work for the welfare of Rural Artisans.
To preserve and promote traditional Handicrafts of India.
To promote Renewable energy technologies like Solar, Wind and Biomass and create awareness in reduction of Co₂ emissions.
To promote Energy efficient Biomass cook stoves and reducing drudgery of women.
To promote systematic Horticulture and Agricultural activities and value addition of fruits and vegetables.